Laying the foundation for healthy individual and family growth, through guidance, empowerment and education.


Transforming Lives, Strengthening Communities

Transforming Lives, Strengthening Communities

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Transforming Lives, Strengthening Communities

Violence Education & Nurturing Training (VENT) was established as a

501(c)3 on  January 12, 2015, in an effort to provide San Antonio and the surrounding communities training and education on topics that contribute to healthy families and effective parenting.  

VENT was founded in the philosophy that family violence, abuse and neglect should not define a child’s childhood. Instead, children should experience healthy environments and interactions that will help them thrive and reach their full potential.

VENT strongly believes that as individuals we have the ability to touch lives and set a foundation of healthy steps that can contribute to our personal growth and that of those around us.

Today, VENT has serviced more than 777 families and individuals in the community and continues to provide innovative programs and resources in an effort to transform lives. 

Vicente Sanchez, President and CEO


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