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Transforming Lives, Strengthening Communities


I want to start off by saying Thank You for having me in your class!  I've had a great experience and learned a lot from being here.  I came into this class with lots of frustration and anger.  I had hatred for everybody especially my case worker.  I still feel that a lot of it was based on my attitude towards people in general.  I wasn't a people person.  I got to learn tools being in this class and hearing other people are going through the same thing as me.  So I learned that changing my attitude will help me out a lot and just listening and taking it all in and knew what I needed to do to make things right and get my kids home.  I've let a lot of stress out by walking my dogs listening to my emotions and calming myself down.  Listening to music helps too and staying away from negative people around me.  I've learned to react positively in a situation when someone bumps you in the street or rubs you the wrong way.  Like Mr. Sanchez always said, "Think before you speak".  Staying calm in public places even when you feel like exploding when you don't like what you are hearing.  My main focus has always been bringing my kids back home.  I've taken this experience as a learning experience and using what I have learned as tools in my pocket ready to use at a moments notice.  I hope everyone gets what they need from VENT and their kids come home.  It's been a pleasure you having me in VENT when I really didn't want to be here. You made it positive when my attitude was very negative.  To all keep fighting for your kids and never give up.  They were put on earth for us.  They weren't asked to be born.  So do all you need to do to make sure they return where they belong....HOME. 

Thanks for the experience Mr. Sanchez. 

                                                                                        -2015 VENT Program Services Graduate